Date:          26th - 28th of September 2011
Place:         Lecce, ITALY


The consortium of the 2PCS AAL JP project presented their innovative approach to integrate the primary and secondary end-users plus the scientific community and sector experts in the development process for the aimed “watch like” AAL-solution. A unique mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods is used to let the core target group actively and sustainable participate within this life cycle orientated project. In particular the new 2PCS crowdsourcing platform was introduced and presented at the forum. Additionally to the 2PCS project partners of the consortium presented their know-how and services. All the listed things were possible by using a booth where visual material (poster and PP presentation) was used to catch the audience’s eye and increase the interest. Further advertising material which was used were information sheets and flyers of all partners being part of the project consortium. Besides this, the project consortium presented the planned activities giving an elevator pitch. To establish our network a short questionnaire including the general personal data, as well as postcards including our contact data and the address of our crowdsourcing platform were provided for the visitors at our booth.