We are proud to introduce you our innovative and social user integration activity: The 2PCS Crowdsourcing platform http://crowd.2pcs.eu

In this online community you can submit ideas, vote on existing ideas or just add comments regarding our project as well as general AAL topics. You can exchange your ideas with other experts and help further developing our market oriented solution together. In other words, it's a great way to be part of the 2PCS Community. You can exchange your ideas and help to develop an amazing product.

How does it work?

  • Just visit http://crowd.2pcs.eu and register yourself 
  • Three different topics are waiting for your ideas, opinions and votes
  • These three topics are placed in separated areas, so called “campaigns
  • The following campaigns are open until the 11th of November 2012
    • Campaign: AAL success factors of smart technologies for elderly people
    • Campaign: Mobile fall detection
    • Campaign: Home care Services for elderly persons 
  • Different communities such as the AAL community, 2PCS lead users, other sector experts and researchers will participate
  • The most popular idea “bubble” to the top and all participating users can profit from the inputs 

After the end of those three campaigns we will give away an Amazon Kindle to the most active user on the platform and another Kindle will be raffled amongst all other participants.

It's just a great way to stay in touch with the 2PCS Community - we hope you will be a part of it!