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European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano
Institute for Public Management


Field of Activity

The Institute for Public Management follows the aim to research the management-dimension of institutions in the public sector. The main features are concentrated on application-oriented research as well as on the development and scientific support of reform projects in the public sector.The results are then applied in the training of public sector and third sector executives.

  • Management of local authorities

  • Management of social services

  • Public accounting and Controlling

  • Management of Non-Profit organisations

  • International public management


Role in the Project

  • Evaluation of UseCases

  • Scanning of national legal and social realities

  • Development methods for end-user-survey


Project relevant Know-how

  • Evaluation of user needs in social services

  • Performance management of social services

  • Studies on e-government


Reference Projects supporting 2PCS

  • Optimization of care for Parkinson patients

  • Optimization of care for Multiple Sclerosis patients and integrative management of chronic diseases

  • OSTAR - Development of an innovative online system for recommending individual tours and trails in alpine regions


National Funding Agency

Ministry of University and Research - MIUR

Ministry of University and Research


Office Location

European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano
Viale Druso 1
39100 Bolzano


  • Project Leader

Josef Bernhart
Phone: +39 0471 05 54 10

  • Contact Person

Sonja Vigl
Phone: +39 0417 05 54 16

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