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Mieloo & Alexander B.V.


Field of Activity

Mieloo & Alexander Business Integrators is a supply chain and logistics consulting firm and RFID Integrator, specializing in technology enabled business improvement.  We have years of experience, in-depth knowledge of your business and technology and a true hands-on, get it done mentality that has resulted in strong and lasting client relationships. We manage risk and take responsibility for results, are clear, follow a systematic approach and are determined to deliver results.


We are based in based in Amsterdam (Hoofddorp), Düsseldorf and Chennai and have professionals in three business units:

  • Consulting: Supply chain and logistics redesign and improvement, Program & Project and Change management, ERP consulting

  • RFID Integration: Turn-key design and delivery & Managed Operations

  • Solutions: “ScanGreen”: customised solutions for hortisector RTI’s; “RTEye”: for Asset Tracking; “TracEye”: in store RFID solutions

Role in the Project

M&A’s main responsibility is to plan and coordinate Work Package 5:

  • to document, transfer and disseminate project-inherent know-how

  • to support the standardization of the solutions delivered by the consortium

  • to develop a business plan that defines the go-to-market approach after the project, and provides information, guidelines and an insight for stakeholders and investors

To that purpose, M&A also contributes to WP1 and WP3, user requirements definition and interface development.


Project relevant Know-how

Mieloo & Alexander has pioneered the adoption of UHF RFID technology since 2003. In these years, we have gained a lot of experience with designing, developing and bringing to the market complex solution concepts based on cutting edge, innovative hardware, industry/process specific software and a marketing plan focusing on the business benefits of multiple applications for a diverse user community. 


Reference Projects supporting 2PCS

ScanGreen (www.scan-green.com) is an initiative of Mieloo & Alexander dedicated to support all parties in the horti-sector with the adoption and leveraging the possibilities of “Operation Chip It”, the program to RFID tag 4.5 million CC roll-containers in use across Europe. We provide growers, transport, wholesale and retail companies with:

  • Standard and custom developed RFID readers, designed specifically for the handling of CC Containers 

  • Standards based software solutions to streamline authentication processes but also to leverage RFID technology to improve supply chain transparency

  • Focused implementation support services for the horticultural industry

  • Similar concepts are being developed for other sectors.


National Funding Agency

The project is made possible by:


ZonMw is the Dutch Organisation for Health Research and Development. As Progress requires research and development, ZonMw funds health research and stimulates use of the knowledge developed to help improve health and healthcare in the Netherlands. ZonMw’s main commissioning organisations are the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. With a range of grant programmes, ZonMw stimulates the entire innovation cycle, from fundamental research to the implementation of new treatments, preventive interventions and improvements to the structure of healthcare.


Office Location

Mieloo & Alexander
Wegalaan 37
2132 LD Hoofddorp
The Netherlands

  • Project Leader

Sander Merx
Mail:     s.merkx@mielooandalexander.com
Phone: +31 62 33 68 618

  • Contact Persons

Angela Langeveld
Mail:     a.langeveld@mielooandalexander.com
Phone: +31 61 05 80 407


Anouk Pelser
Mail:     a.pelser@mielooandalexander.com
Phone: +31 61 22 45 661

Company Website http://www.mielooandalexander.com