Tertianum Stiftung, Verbesserung der Lebenssituation aller Generationen, bedarfsgerechte Dienstleistungen, Trends im Seniorenbereich, Generationen, Selbstständigkeitsförderung im Alter, Selbstständigkeit, Altersarbeit, Alterspolitik, Alterskulturen, Altern, Älterwerden, Lebensstile und Wohnformen im Alter, demographischer Trend, Menschenwürde, human dignity, demographic trends, life styles and living, arrangements for elderly, aging, age cultures, aging policy, age working, independence, promoting independence, individualised services, services on-demand, trends for the elderly, generations, improve lives of ever generation



Field of Activity

  • Research activities on the field of Gerontology

  • Diverse studies on user adequate services and future developments


Mission - Vision - Core Values

Research and Solutions for quality of life improvements in the aged.

The foundation is engaged in a variety of generation-related issues and develops solutions which facilitate the exchange of ideas between elderly perople and future generations:

  • studies assessing elderly-related issues and themes

  • development of educational concepts for the latter years of life

  • analysis of trends in the domain of elderly people


Role in the Project

  • Analysis of end-user requirements and needs along the life phases

  • Definition of different used-cases

  • Evaluation of adequate services and future developments

  • Ensuring access to relevant end-user networks


Project relevant Know-how

  • Counselling, scientific coaching and evaluation activities knowhow

  • Know-how transfer

  • Relevant end-user networks


Reference Projects supporting 2PCS

  • Diverse studies on user adequate services and future developments


National Funding Agency

Bundesamt für Berufsbildung und Technologie - BBT

OPET - Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology / BBT - Bundesamt für Berufsbildung und Technologie


Office Location

Seestrasse 78
8267 Berlingen

  • Project Leader

Helmut Bachmaier
Mail:       helmut.bachmaier@uni-konstanz.de
Phone:   +41 52 770 22 22

  • Contact Person

Jean-Pierrre Gagnebin
Mail:       jean-pierre.gagnebin@tertianum.ch
Phone:   +41 52 770 22 22

Company Website www.tertianum-stiftung.ch