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Villa Melitta - Casa Di Cura


Field of Activity

The Villa Melitta private healthcare facility specialises in rehabilitation. Villa Melitta – which has agreements in place with the Alto Adige Healthcare Trust – offers therapeutic programs and treatments that are both well-established and highly innovative.These solutions are available to inpatients and outpatients.


Mission - Vision - Core Values

The mission of the Villa Melitta private healthcare facility in Bolzano is to contribute to the promotion, maintenance and development of the state of health of local people who require assistance, whether individually or collectively. To this end, access is guaranteed – through a process of integration between local healthcare facilities and hospitals – to all types of rehabilitative support and services.
The strategic vision of Villa Melitta is focused on the consolidation of an organisational system that is able to support the delivery of appropriate, efficient and high-quality services to citizens, on achieving continuous quality improvement and on satisfying the requirements of citizens and the personnel employed – all within a context in which management is optimised and the available resources are deployed in the most rational way possible.


Role in the Project

Villa Melitta gives support in the process of requirement and development but the mean activities consist in the scientific user case tests the evaluation of them.


Project relevant Know-how 

Villa Melitta was partner in the past in the development and introducing of innovation products in rehabilitations. Therefore the working teams has developed a lot of experiences on such complex processes. The Know How consists in the realization of innovation projects.


Reference Projects supporting 2PCS

Villa Melitta participated as clinical and scientific partner in the following projects:

  • 2008: Stair Walker (rehabilitation robotics)

  • 2009: G-EO System (rehabilitation robotics)

  • 2010: Adaptive Gait Machine (rehabilitation robotics)

  • 2010: Bi Pedo Track (rehabilitation robotics)


National Funding Agency

Ministry of University and Research - MIUR

Ministry of University and Research


Office Location

Curena AG
Via col Di Lana Nr 4-6 and 14 B
39100 Bozen

  • Project Leader
    Contact Person

Rupert Waldner
Phone: +39 04 71 47 16 66

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